Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art


Special Exhibition:

Rinpa × Anime

- From Ogata Korin and Kamisaka Sekka to Astro Boy, Rilakkuma, and Hatsune Miku

Ogata Korin, Mt. Fuji and Three Islands, Edo Period, 18th century, Private Collection

The term “Rinpa” derives from Ogata Korin. This exhibition deals with Rinpa works and anime or manga, which may appear to belong to different genres at first sight. Enjoy the unique world created by the characters who appear in re-creations of Rinpa works.
2024.04.20 Sat. - 2024.06.02 Sun.


Adults: 1700(1500) yen / Senior high school and university students: 1000(800) yen / Junior high school students: 700(500) yen /
Elementary school students and younger: free
* Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

*Rates in parentheses apply to:
・Groups of 10 persons or more
・Repeater’s Discount on presentation of a stub of a special exhibition ticket held at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art or other prefectural museums in Hokkaido.
・Advance tickets

*Holders of disability ID and a caregiver, etc. are admitted free of charge. Please show a disability certificate at the reception desk.


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