Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art

To visitors

precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Wear a face mask, Use hand sanitizer, Check temperatures, Social distancing
  • Do not enter if you are feverish or feel unwell.
  • Please use the hand sanitizer and have your temperature taken.
  • Please wear a mask at all times in the museum.
  • You may be asked to wait before being admitted into the museum when the galleries are congested. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • Please register your contact details so that we can notify you should any visitors etc. be infected with COVID-19.

Registration of contact information

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections, we ask that you provide us with your contact information when you enter the museum, either by registering your e-mail address with the Hokkaido Coronavirus Notification System or by filling out a form. 
We recommend that you fill out the form in advance and bring it with you when you visit the museum to ensure a smooth entrance.

1. Registration of e-mail addresses using the Hokkaido Coronavirus Notification System

Use your phone to scan the QR code posted at the museum when you enter the museum, allowing you to register your e-mail address on the screen that appears. 
For more information on the Hokkaido Coronavirus Notification System, please click here.

2. Filling out the emergency contact information form

You can download the form here. 

In the exhibition rooms

  • Please keep an adequate distance (about 2 meters) from other visitors.
  • Please refrain from talking in the exhibition rooms and other areas whenever possible to prevent droplet transmission.
  • Admission may be restricted in order to avoid congestion in the exhibition rooms. Please note that we may not be able to let you in if the museum is likely to be crowded.

What we do to ensure safety

  •  Please note that the museum staff will be wearing masks (receptionists and store staff will be wearing gloves as well). 
  • We regularly ventilate the building (by using the air-conditioner and opening the entrances of the exhibition rooms).
  • Doorknobs, handrails, and other high-contact surfaces are disinfected regularly.
  • Safety shields have been installed at the reception desk and the store to prevent the spread of droplets.
  • Footprint marks are placed in front of the reception desk and shops, and markings are displayed at regular intervals in the exhibition rooms, so that visitors can keep an adequate distance from other visitors.

The New Hokkaido Style Safety Declaration

The Hokkaido Museum Of Modern Art, Hokkaido is committed to the "Seven practices".

1. We make sure that our staff members wear face masks and wash their hands.

  • Ensuring hand washing, mask, and cough etiquette

2. We conduct thorough health monitoring of our staff.

  • Making sure that the staff check their physical condition before coming to work.

3. We ventilate the facility.

  • Ventilating the building using air conditioners and other equipment.

4. We regularly disinfect and clean the facility.

  • Having alcohol disinfectant available
  • Conducting regular cleaning

5. We make an effort to reduce physical contact.

  • Ensuring social distance in exhibition rooms, and other places
  • Displaying footprints at the reception desk, shops, and other places
  • Installing plastic shields at the reception desk and the store
  • Restricting admission

6. We also ask visitors to observe cough etiquette and wash their hands.

  • Displaying notices in the facility or reminding visitors.

7. We work with local people to make our community more resistant to infections.

  • We would appreciate the cooperation of everyone in the steps to prevent infections.