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Special Exhibition: Hanyu Hikaru Exhibition of Japanese-Style Painting

Hanyu Hikaru, Sea Fog (Odaito), 2001, Kushiro Art Museum, Hokkaido

Hanyu Hikaru, a nihonga (Japanese-style painting) artist, continues to work based in Kushiro, Hokkaido. With the seashore, marshes, etc. as his subject, he has adhered to landscapes that only those living there could capture, and depicts them as large images. The tranquil and profound painterly world he produces with substantial texture and a sharp touch is presented through more than sixty representative works.
2022.04.16 Sat. - 2022.06.26 Sun.



Organized by Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art


Adults: 1000 (800) yen / Senior high school and university students: 600 (400) yen / Junior high and elementary school children: 300 (200) yen / Preschoolers accompanied by an adult: free

Combined ticket including the Museum Collection
Adults: 1300 yen / Senior high school and university students: 650 yen

*Rates in parentheses apply to:
・ Groups of 10 persons or more
・ Repeater’s Discount on presentation of a stub of a special exhibition ticket held at Hokkaido Museum of Modern
  *Art or other prefectural museums in Hokkaido
・ Advance tickets

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