Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art


Special Exhibition:

Trick × Illusion!

Ueda Kaoru, Raw Egg B, 1976, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Trompe-l’oeil paintings, which seek to bewilder the viewer, have enjoyed great popularity since ancient times. This exhibition focuses on illusory and fantastic images made with a host of different techniques as seen in a selection of paintings and sculptures. Enjoy the art of tricks and illusions in these wondrous and enjoyable works.
2023.04.22 Sat. - 2023.06.11 Sun.


Organized by: The Hokkaido Shimbun Press, Hokkaido Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd and Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art


Adults: 1700(1500) yen / Senior high school and university students: 1000(800) yen / Junior high school students: 700(500) yen /
Elementary school students and younger: free
* Elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

*Rates in parentheses apply to:
・Groups of 10 persons or more
・Repeater’s Discount on presentation of a stub of a special exhibition ticket held at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art or other prefectural museums in Hokkaido.
・Advance tickets

*Different discounts available for each exhibition. Ticket prices may be altered. Please check for further details.

*Holders of disability ID (MIRAIRO ID is available) and a caregiver are admitted free of charge. Please show a disability certificate at the reception desk.