Hokkaido Asahikawa Museum of Art


Floor guide

  1. Gallery 1 Special Exhibitions
  2. Gallery 2 Museum Collection
  3. Lobby
    Enjoy a panoramic view of the seasonal landscape of the park
  4. Men's Toilet/Women's Toilet */Accessible restroom
    An accessible toilet and a long seat that can be used for changing diapers and other purposes are in place.
    * Baby chairs are available at women’s toilet.
  5. Lecture Hall
  6. Lockers
    Coin return lock (Your 100-yen coin will be returned when you unlock the locker). Ask the reception if your luggage is too large to fit into the locker.
  7. Café Tokiwa no ki
    Enjoy some fresh coffee. The café is operated by a local volunteer group Tokiwakai.
    (Open: 10:30 AM–3:00 PM  *These hours will be maintained for the time being)
  8. Museum Shop
    Crafts associated with Asahikawa and catalogs of past exhibitions are available for purchase. 
    Catalogs and other goods from the current exhibition may be available in the lobby. 
    (Hours: 10:00 AM–4:00 PM  *These hours will be maintained for the time being.)
    For more information, please visit the Tokiwakai website.
  9. Book corner
    The book corner features catalogs of exhibitions held at this museum and books of collected works. If you are looking for any other art-related books, please ask the reception desk.
  10. Art Information
    Information on the museum’s programs and other exhibitions is available. Please contact the reception desk for any other information on art.
  11. Nursing Room
    A crib is available.
  12. Other Facilities
    Wheelchairs (4), strollers (2), senior walker (1), canes (2)

For more information about the use of these facilities, please contact the museum (phone: 0166-25-2577).