Hokkaido Asahikawa Museum of Art


About our collection

Areas of interest

Since our opening in 1982, we have aimed to build a collection that reflects our regional characteristics, based on two main themes: "Works in Wood" and "Art of Northern Hokkaido". "Art in Northern Hokkaido".  In addition, we extend our attention to "Hokkaido’s, Japanese, and international art" and structure our collection historically. We attempt providing our visitors with the pleasure of encountering a variety of art forms.

Works in Wood

Owing to its rich forest resources nurtured by the headwaters of the Daisetsuzan mountains, Asahikawa and surrounding area is known for its woodworking tradition such as "Asahikawa furniture".  In tribute to this local specialty and tradition, our collection features wooden sculpture and craft. We have collected both figurative and abstract sculptures from the post war period, which best reveal the character and quality of the material of wood. Our craft collection ranges widely from Japanese traditional woodworking to creative contemporary work.

Art of Northern Hokkaido

Since the modern period, Asahikawa, now the second biggest city in Hokkaido, has played an important role as a major urban area in Northern Hokkaido.  Its large population has eagerly supported art and culture, giving rise to a number of important artists who have left their mark on Japanese art history.  There are a number of artists whose practice has been rooted in the community; they have formed the region’s unique art and culture. Embracing this history, we collect, research, and archive the regional works from all genres, to further support and promote the art and culture of Asahikawa and Northern Hokkaido (Kamikawa, Rumoi, Soya).

Other Works

In addition to "Works in Wood" and "Art of Northern Hokkaido", we also acquire and study exceptional artworks both from Japan and abroad to make our collection more comprehensive, and to discover new values.

Image rental for special viewing

We accept requests for the use of images from our collection; they can be  printed or posted online. Please contact the Special viewing/Image rental" section for more information.