Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art


About our collection


Areas of interest

We are currently building our collection based on three areas of interest

Art in Eastern Hokkaido

We collect works of artists associated with the four districts of Eastern Hokkaido (Tokachi, Kushiro, Nemuro and Okhotsk), as well as works related to them. One of the features of this region is that it has produced many print artists. We also collect representative works in oil painting, Japanese painting, sculpture, print art, and crafts.


We collect outstanding print art with a focus on modern and contemporary prints from Japan and abroad in an organized way. Our diverse collection of print art, including prints, graphic design, photography, and other forms of expression that make use of reproduction technology, offers insight into our modern society, in which replication culture flourishes.

Western Art

We collect Western artworks featuring rural landscapes and rural customs, focusing mainly on works of the French Barbizon School in the 19th century. This theme well matches the characteristics of the Tokachi region, where agriculture is the core industry.