2024/02/24[ Sat.]
开馆时间 9:30 − 17:00


藏品展 The infatuation and intoxication of a painter in love 展室1~3

Sapporo-born painter Migishi Kotaro (1903-1934) said to his wife Setsuko, “If I die, you won’t be able to paint good pictures again until you fall for someone else.
To Migishi Kotaro, falling in love—being infatuated, intoxicated, by someone or something—was an endless source of inspiration for artistic creation.
“The streets are his opium; he brings home so many different pieces of the streets. The streets quench his thirst for the surreal, the mysterious. Windows with the latest fashions, Western curio stores, ladieswear store windows, myriad cheap goods, the Rococo style, Western-style windows, windows. He is extraordinarily astute; he can find pearls in a dirty, rundown corner of the city.” (Migishi Setsuko, Notes on Migishi Kotaro.)
This exhibition focuses on the motifs that Kotaro was infatuated with, intoxicated by, as we take you into the world of his art.
Phase I (December 16 – February 25) comprises three sections: An Aspiration for Modern Life, Into an Exotic World, and The Arrival of a Muse. Phase 2 (March 1 – April 18) comprises four: Clowns and Marionettes, A New World Called Music, Butterflies and Shells, and Northern Landscapes. Each features prominent works of Kotaro’s.
Migishi Kotaro was so deeply moved by beauty that he forgot himself in its presence. This is how he opened up his world of fresh new images. Step into the world of his infatuation and intoxication.
Migishi Kotaro Museum of Art, Hokkaido (mima)
展期 2023.12.16 Sat. - 2024.04.18 Thu.



北海道立三岸好太郎美术馆成立于1967年,当时以札幌出生的画家三岸好太郎(1903-1934)的220件作品由其遗属捐赠出来为契机,作为本馆的前身成立了北海道立美术馆,1983年迁至现址并开馆。自立馆以来,在宣扬三岸好太郎艺术魅力的同时,还举办了音乐会以及面向儿童的企划等。2017年,以开馆50周年为契机,通过公开征集确定了昵称“ mima”,并通过开始策划年轻艺术家展会等,不断扩大活动范围。


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