Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art

About us

Overview and history



The Obihiro Museum of Art opened in September 1991 as the fifth prefectural museum in Hokkaido. It is a cultural center located in the city of Obihiro, the core cities of Eastern Hokkaido, in the center of the Tokachi Plain. The museum building, surrounded by green groves of trees in a corner of a park near the city center, features an innovative design that inspires fresh encounters with art.

The museum is a space for creativity that helps stimulate emotional development and foster  individuality. It is a stage for lifelong learning that provides many people with an opportunity to encounter beauty through a variety of exhibitions and lectures. 
Experience, excitement, and discovery. A moment in the museum is the beginning of an intellectual drama of exploring the forests of the muse.

Enterprise of the Museum

The Obihiro Museum of Art aims to be a unique museum by focusing on the following six points.

Collection and Preservation

We collect works associated with Eastern Hokkaido and those of outstanding artists connected with this region, modern and contemporary print art including mainly prints and posters from Japan and abroad, as well as Western landscape and genre paintings.

Exhibitions and Activities

We display the works in our collection according to a set schedule, hold special exhibitions to introduce a wide range of outstanding works of art from Japan and abroad, and collaborate with other prefectural museums to introduce their collections.

Educational Program and Reference Service

We conduct educational and promotional programs such as lectures, seminars, commentaries, workshops, and programs for children. We also engage in the publishing, collection and storage of books to make them available for the general public, and provide informational materials.


We conduct research mainly on the art of Eastern Hokkaido, print art, and Western landscape and genre painting, which are the mainstays of the museum's collection. We also investigate and study museum activities.

Promotion of Regional Culture

We promote and invigorate local culture through cooperation with various local schools, museums, and cultural organizations.

To Provide a Comfortable Environment

We try to create an environment that encourages people to come in contact with artistic culture and provide quality time and spaces overflowing with hospitality, taking advantage of the museum's location in a cultural zone in a park with abundant greenery.

Characteristics of the Collection

Art in Eastern Hokkaido

We collect works of artists associated with the four districts of Eastern Hokkaido (Tokachi, Kushiro, Nemuro and Okhotsk), as well as works related to them. One of the features of this region is that it has produced many print artists. We also collect representative works in oil painting, Japanese painting, sculpture, print art, and crafts.


We collect outstanding print art with a focus on modern and contemporary prints from Japan and abroad in an organized way. Our diverse collection of print art, including prints, graphic design, photography, and other forms of expression that make use of reproduction technology, offers insight into our modern society, in which replication culture flourishes.

Western Art

We collect Western artworks featuring rural landscapes and rural customs, focusing mainly on works of the French Barbizon School in the 19th century. This theme well matches the characteristics of the Tokachi region, where agriculture is the core industry.


September 1991 The inauguration and opening ceremony of the Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art was held.
February 1992 The total number of visitors reached 100,000.
May 1992 The museum won the 17th Hokkaido Architectural Award presented by the Hokkaido Branch of the Architectural Institute of Japan.
December 1992 The museum won the 9th Obihiro Urban Landscape Award (building).
December 1995 The museum won the Public Building Award for excellence in Hokkaido.
June 1996 The total number of visitors reached 500,000.
January 1997 The 5th anniversary ceremony was held.
October 2001 The 10th anniversary ceremony was held.
September 2004 The total number of visitors reached 1 million.
January 2007 The 15th anniversary exhibition was held.
November 2011 The 20th anniversary ceremony was held.
November 2013 The total number of visitors reached 1.5 million.
July 2016 The 25th anniversary exhibition was held.
September 2020 The total number of visitors reached 2 million.